Mobile Bar Hire

Mobile Bar Hire

Mobile Bar Hire

A mobile bar is an excellent way to accentuate any social event. These clever and aesthetically pleasing devices can provide a truly unique feel to your venue that may not be possible to achieve with bartenders alone. From the ability to accommodate multiple sizes to our bespoke branding service that will allow you to display a corporate logo or even a simple “Happy Anniversary”, these mobile bars are nothing less than the best choices for an unforgettable visual presentation. So, what else can you expect from our mobile bar service? Let us quickly peruse some of the most pronounced advantages which we offer.

Flexible Physical Options

Our mobile bars can physically adapt to a number of different locations. For example, they are available in various dimensions to suit most situations. They are constructed from solid aluminium frames and come equipped with translucent fronts for lighting purposes (note that for more private settings, a blank front plate is also possible). These standalone units can be either chosen with multiple changing light patterns or with one colour that is fixed during operation.

All-In-One Exclusivity

Also, our mobile bars are truly the “one-size-fits-all” choice when it comes to catering to your event. Each is equipped standard with shelving, sinks, plumbing, insulated chests for ice and even speed rails to further enhance our efficiency when serving your guests. These will all allow our bartenders to provide you and your friends with a level of service that will keep you coming back for more.

Quick Installation

You are likely curious as to how these units are installed upon their arrival to your location. In fact, they are quite modular in nature. They are delivered in a compact and robust case and will be erected by our trained staff before the event begins. Our mobile bars are also quite scalable; should you wish to have a larger setting (ideal for venues that are catering to a great number of guests), the bars can be connected to one another. This can serve to mirror a truly unique and professional feel to any gathering.

Other Amenities

While these mobile bars are impressive in their own right, there may be times when you need additional items to accommodate your guests. We have taken this scenario into account and will also offer additional services such as tables, bar stools and other related furniture.

Of course, prices will vary depending upon the type of bar that you desire, the location and the time frame associated with the event. To receive a quote or to speak with one of our qualified representatives, please speak with us directly. These mobile bars are some of the most unique, functional and cost-effective means to add a bit of “snap” to any social situation. From small gatherings to large weddings and corporate events, such choices can leave a memorable impression upon you and all of your guests.

Corporate Parties and Events

We have no doubt that you wish to make a splash at your next corporate event. As such, we offer you and your company some of the most professional and eye-catching choices in reference to professionally catered cocktail services. We also appreciate the fact that different corporate events will naturally require entirely different levels of service and discretion. Thus, you are able to choose from a wide variety of options. Some of the most popular will include:

  • Office-based cocktail receptions.
  • Cocktail preparation demonstrations.
  • Project launch events.
  • Branded bars displaying company logos or mission statements.
  • Supervised cocktail workshops.
  • “Flair” receptions.

Whether you are a barrister or you are in charge of corporate marketing for a London-based advertising firm, we will design our services around the discrete needs of your event.

Themed Entertainment

One of the unique aspects of our mobile bar services is that we can provide you and your corporate event with a specific theme. For example, this can be ideal if you wish to celebrate a product launch and you need to centre the event around a certain “energy”. Not only will this lend an unforgettable air to the entire gathering, but it is also an excellent way to market a certain product or service to relevant stakeholders.

The same can be said if you are going to be involved in a corporate exhibition. What method is more geared towards allowing your company to stand out than by attracting attendees to your kiosk with a branded mobile bar? This is an excellent conversation piece and a way of passive marketing that is being embraced by a growing number of corporate clients.

The Fun Side

Not all events will necessarily cater to a rather “stiff” corporate theme. So, we are also quite able to cater to the more relaxed events that will also be present in a business atmosphere. Our professionals will develop a specific cocktail menu based upon the “feel” of your party. You may wish to lighten the mood with tropical-flavoured drinks or instead incorporate costumed bartenders to add a much-needed air of relaxation to your celebration. These choices are great ways to celebrate a retirement, a promotion, a birthday or simply a great sales quarter.

Your Wish is Our Desire

As we have worked with some of the largest corporate customers in the United Kingdom, we are no strangers to adaptability. As with all of our other services, we will work hand-in-hand with all of our customers to make certain that their unique needs are met. If you are hoping to incorporate fun and excitement to your next event or party, our services will certainly not let you down. Also, we are quite flexible with our pricing plans and will take into account various aspect of your requirements to offer immensely amenable packages on the market; all without sacrificing one bit of quality or style. Give us a call for an example of some case studies or if you wish to utilise our services when booking your upcoming corporate gathering.

Wedding Bartender

A wedding undoubtedly but one of the handful of unforgettable days of a young couple’s life. As they begin their journey down a long and fruitful road, it is only natural for all attendees to celebrate such a union. So, one of our core competencies revolves around wedding receptions. After all, it is no secret that cocktails and weddings are all but inseparable. Not only are we experts in this arena, but we espouse a rather “hands-on” approach. In other words, we will liaise directly with all parties concerned and come up with the best plan possible that will suit the bride, the groom and all of the attendees.

In fact, a handful of our specialties include:

  • Day or evening cocktail receptions
  • Mobile bars set to a certain theme.
  • Performing professional bartenders (for levity and entertainment)
  • Unique cocktails centred around the theme of the wedding.
  • Amenable staff that interact with the event and the patrons.

The Right Time, the Right Place

As we have a great deal of experience in catering to weddings, we will normally recommend that cocktails will be best served after a hearty wedding breakfast. This will help to aid in digestion while placing the guests at ease for the upcoming events of the day. However, you can choose to have our performing bartenders put on a bit of a “show” as the cocktails are being prepared; the perfect form of entertainment for children and adults alike. While this is being done, why not throw in a fun tutorial that can teach the bride and groom to concoct some of the most sumptuous cocktails? Indeed, we have found that this melange of class and style works well for every wedding celebration imaginable.


While all of these amenities are certainly not to be understated, you should also be well aware that our staff will bring both courtesy and professionalism to your wedding event. For the more formal of gatherings, we will likewise present all of our services with an air of sophistication and a demure attitude. This will include black-tie celebrations and indeed any other wedding that will display an air of reverence and formality. As we hold our professional mixologists to only the most demanding of standards, you can also fully expect us to be able to cater to even the most challenging of demands from your guests.

So, it is clear to see that while we appreciate the fun and excitement that a wedding can involve, we also take our job quite seriously. We have come to accept the notion that one of the aspects that will make any wedding unforgettable is the bartenders and the professional cocktail services that we provide.

Whether you wish a bespoke mobile bar to highlight your special day or you instead desire high-class entertainment coupled with a professional, friendly attitude, look no further than the services that we can provide. Indeed, we will make your perfect day even more amazing.


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