Organic gardening: potted lemon tree

Organic gardening: potted lemon tree

Organic gardening has many benefits. In addition to bringing you fruit and vegetables at home, it allows you to benefit from products without chemical inputs. So you can adopt a healthy diet and prepare your meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s why potted lemon growing is recommended. You will, therefore, enjoy these citrus fruits and the virtues of lemon juice.

The various cultures of the lemon tree

There are different types of lemon tree crops. Indeed, everything depends on the spaces you have. If you are in an apartment, potted growing will be more advisable. Indeed, it will allow you to have a container adapted to the lemon tree.

But if you have a terrace there, you can opt for a ferry. This type of crop will allow the lemon tree to sunbathe. But if the temperature of your locality is too low, it is better to use the use of a pot. If you have an orchard, on the other hand, it will be more appropriate to plant your lemon tree on the ground. To this end, it can take root in a suitable environment.

Opt for the pot to enjoy the best climate

Opt for the potted culture. It will allow you to enjoy the best climate. Indeed, if it’s hot you can carry the lemon tree outside to enjoy the sun’s rays. But in case of cold and frost, you can put it away in a heated space. Avoid putting it in your overheated living room, this will dry up the leaves of the lemon tree. Opt for an unheated space or try putting it in a greenhouse. Thus, the shrub can grow unhindered. So the pot helps you get a transportable container.

We often start planting pots and planters before we even have a garden. It’s not very complicated, but the result is not often up to the effort.

Which plants for your planters?

For spring planters, associations of seasonal plants such as pansies, forget-me-nots, daisies with tulip bulbs work perfectly.

For summer compositions, favor drought-tolerant plants such as dipladenias or geraniums.

In the fall, we will turn to cyclamen, ornamental peppers and heather.

How many plants?

It all depends on the size of the plants to buy. With younger subjects that are more economical, count two planting lines (staggered) with one plant every 15 cm in length. With already branched plants, count a planting line (in the middle) with a plant for 15 to 20cm of a planter.

Choice and preparation of containers

Avoid buying the first planters that came. Indeed, many are weak, too narrow and not deep enough. Choose planters making minimum 15cm wide and 20cm deep. If you want to dress a long window or the edge of a balcony, prefer rather long models of 60-80cm rather than one or two very long and too delicate to move.

Side materials, planters plastic are practical, resistant and versatile despite all the planters terracotta or zinc have a lot of charm.

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